Tom Cruise goes to the International Space Center for a movie shoot, a collaboration between NASA and Universal

Hollywood Studios boss Donna Langley is making final preparations to send the crew including actor Tom Cruise to the International Space Station.

She, who is considered one of the most powerful people in Hollywood, spoke at length with BBC Entertainment this week and shed light on the preparations for shooting a film in space.

Although it has already been disclosed that the film will be shot in space in collaboration with NASA, now it is not long to go there by rocket. Elon Musk’s SpaceX company’s rocket is making final preparations to go there.

If the film is shot in space, actor Tom Cruise will become the first civilian (other than an astronaut) to spacewalk outside the International Space Center.

The 60-year-old actor will have the first chance to perform stunts in space. Producer Donna says, “I hope Tom Cruise will be the first citizen to walk outside the space station.” He will find himself there as the only person who can save the Earth. Announcing the 2020 film, NASA’s Jim Bradenstein said, “NASA is excited to collaborate with Tom on the space station.”

Ever since the corona epidemic, Tom Cruise and producer Donna have been writing scripts through Zoom meetings. About the story of the film, Donna said, “Actually, the story starts from Earth and he needs to go into space to save Earth.”

Tom Cruise’s film is one of the 44 films announced by Hollywood for the year 2022/2023. Currently NASA astronaut Victor Glauber is teaching actor Cruise about the practice and difficulties of shooting in space.

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