Increased expenditure on hair

Hair loss is considered a sign of aging. As the age goes down, the hair on the head also gets thinner. But now the problem of hair loss, hair growth, branch growth and breakage is increasing in youth. The effects of diet, climate and medicine are visible in the hair.

Also, the trend of wearing helmets to ride motorcycles and scooters has increased the problem of hair loss. Similarly, chemical shampoos, soaps, oils, gels are affecting the hair. This is one of the reasons why the market for hair treatments and products is expanding.

Dermatology and venereology specialist and hair transplant surgeon Dr. According to Rupak Ghimire, the problem of hair loss is seen in teenagers. “The problem of hair loss is mostly in men,” Dr. Ghimire says, “But women are not free from the problem of hair loss.”

Hormonal disturbances, poor nutrition, dieting, lack of vitamin D, stress, diseases etc. have caused hair loss in women. In men, stress, lifestyle, lack of proper care, problems such as heredity cause hair loss.

As a result, the cost of hair care has increased. For haircuts, massages, color, keratin, treatments, you have to spend with an open mind. Apart from that, expenses such as hair transplantation, platelet rich plasma etc. can be stopped.

Expenditure on hair care

Beautician Lakshmi Mahat says that since hair is part of a person’s personality, its care is becoming mandatory. “For beauty, you have to spend more on your hair than on your face,” she says.

When the hair is falling out, it has to be transplanted or after thinning, it is necessary to have ‘platelet rich plasma’, which costs a lot. Apart from that, things like hair treatment, keratin, massage, hair cut, coloring have increased the cost of hair.

Hair Treatment

To keep the hair strong, thick, and soft, many people do hair treatment. Mahat, a beautician, says that it prevents problems such as hair loss, dryness, and split ends.

Treatment expenses

Its cost can be determined by looking at the condition of the hair. Generally, hair treatment can cost from 500 rupees to 1500 rupees. He suggests that hair treatment should be done once in a week if the hair is very damaged and once in 15 days if the condition of the hair is good.


Hair cutting is mandatory for men. After a certain period of time, the hair needs to be trimmed. Women also cut their hair occasionally. There is an increase in haircuts to mold the hair into new styles or to make it attractive.


Haircuts cost separately for men and women. Usually a haircut costs between 150 rupees and 1600 rupees.

Hair massage

Spices are needed to make the hair strong, healthy, and soft. Different types of hair oil are used for this.


A hair massage costs at least one thousand rupees. Hair massage with coconut oil costs up to 1300 rupees, while massage with olive oil costs around 1600 rupees.

Keratin treatment

Hair needs extra protein and vitamins, for which keratin is used. Keratin helps to keep hair naturally strong and healthy.


It costs at least five thousand rupees to do keratin. Generally, one has to spend around 9 thousand to 15 thousand rupees for keratin.

hair dye

Hair coloring is not mandatory. If people want to change their style, they color it. After coloring, you need to take care of your hair more. Even those who have grown hair color it.


Hair coloring also costs a lot. It costs at least 2500 rupees. According to the color and also according to the parlor, its cost is varied. In some places it costs up to Rs 6,000 just for hair dyeing.

Hair transplant

Re-implantation method is in vogue after hair loss or when there is no hair for any reason. During hair transplantation, the hair from the back of the head is removed and planted in the place where it falls. For hair transplant, money is charged per head.


How much hair has fallen determines the cost of hair transplantation. Generally, hair transplant costs at least 60,000 rupees. Apart from that, an average of 4 lakh rupees is spent on looking at the hair loss.

Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) Injection Method

In some cases, there is a problem of hair loss due to lack of proper blood flow. In this case, platelet rich plasma therapy can be done. In this method, blood is extracted from the human body. The red blood cells and white blood cells in it are separated and put in the palate.


Each stage of PRP treatment costs at least four thousand rupees. How often to do this can be determined by looking at the condition of the hair.

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