Why was Instagram closed for eight hours?

Due to technical problems, the Instagram account has been closed for about eight hours. Instagram issued a notice and said that the problem has now been resolved.

There were complaints from all over the world that the Instagram account was not working and the number of followers was decreasing. But there was confusion as to why this happened. Instagram also informed that it is trying to find and solve the problem.

This morning, he apologized and said that the problem has been resolved. “We have now solved this problem. This caused problems for people in different parts of the world to access their accounts, sorry,” Instagram said.

But still many have commented that their account is closed.

Earlier, the user received a notification that his Instagram account was going to be closed for some time. Many shared the notification and expressed their anger.

Usually, this problem appears after a cyber attack. Once there was a similar cyber attack on Twitter. Many accounts were hacked. But it is not yet clear what caused the problem on Instagram and what kind of technical problem it is.

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