‘Avatar 2’ premiere in Busan: Hollywood following Asia

The Busan Film Festival, which is considered to be the most prestigious in Asia, is currently taking place in South Korea. Why this edition of 2022 was important is that the festival was organized physically after the corona epidemic.

The much awaited Hollywood film ‘Avatar: The Way of Water’ added flavor to the festival. In the presence of producer John Lendu, Avatar 2 was grandly premiered to a limited audience in Busan.

In Nepal, this film is ready to be screened on January 1. Each viewer paid $5 to see the film. The Hollywood Reporter magazine reported that the premiere edition of Busan was sold out.

The Busan premiere of ‘Avatar 2’ means that Hollywood’s future also depends on the Asian market. In the event held at Premier Meso, Avatar producer Lendu enlightened the audience about how the second part was composed and its technical aspects.
To embody South Korea, the distribution company Disney attracted the audience by erecting figures of movie characters and making posters on the Hyundai beach there.

In the second part of Avatar, Sam Worthington played the role of the main character Jack Sully.

Addressing the video at the premiere, director James Cameron said that Avatar 2 tried to convey a message about how the world’s marine ecosystem is in crisis. Earlier, there was a depiction of the exploitation of natural resources on a fictional planet called Pandora.

“It’s a Pandora story, but it’s all happening in our world,” Cameron said. Director Cameron and producer Lendu said that the audience can get a cinematic experience from Avatar 2.

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