What kind of food cleanses the liver ?

Liver is the largest organ of the human body. The liver has a special role in the digestive system. The liver has to do a lot of work to make the body healthy.

Liver plays a special role in keeping the body healthy. The most important function of this organ is to remove waste from the body.

If we get hurt or cut, blood comes out and the liver does the job of stopping the blood from flowing too much. The liver also does the work of breaking down the food we eat, keeping the nutrients needed by the body and removing the unwanted disorders.

When we eat something, the digestive system immediately breaks it down into small pieces. After this, this diet reaches the liver through the hepatic portal system with the help of blood.

The liver also separates all the nutrients in food such as vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, etc. and delivers them to different organs according to the needs of the body. It stores some nutrients so that it can be used when there is an immediate need for energy.

To keep the liver healthy and strong, which is important for keeping the body healthy, we also have to pay attention to some things. What kind of diet is appropriate to make the liver strong and healthy? What are the foods that cleanse the liver?

Foods that damage the liver

More than any food that damages the liver, if any food is eaten in excess of what the body needs, it will damage the liver. Alcohol, cigarettes, foods high in carbohydrates like rice, wheat and flour, foods high in fat etc. damage the liver.

Junk food, food fried in oil etc. also damage the liver. It does not mean that we should suddenly stop eating carbohydrates just because foods with more carbohydrates damage our liver. Because our body needs limited amounts of carbohydrates.

Artificial sugar and colors are used in drinks like Coke and Fanta. Due to this, fat accumulates in the liver. The color chemicals cause damage to the liver. Therefore, such sugary drinks are also harmful for the liver.

Now many people have the problem of “fatty liver” where fat accumulates in the liver. Many people may have the understanding that fatty foods damage the liver and fat accumulates in the liver. However, that is not 100% correct. The problem of fat accumulation in the liver can be seen by consuming a lot of foods that are high in carbohydrates. Carbohydrates turn into fat and this problem appears.

Liver cleansing foods

Protein-rich and fibrous foods like boiled egg whites, green vegetables, salads, and fruits cleanse the liver. However, many pesticides have been used in fruits and vegetables. These pesticides directly affect the liver. Therefore, in order to reduce the effects of pesticides from those foods, if they are eaten raw, they should be thoroughly washed and cooked.

Things to keep in mind to keep the liver healthy

– It is the food that needs the most attention to keep the liver healthy. Therefore, you should not eat foods that are high in carbohydrates and high in fat.

– Weight should be controlled to prevent fat accumulation in the liver. In order to control the weight, attention should be paid to the diet itself. Junk food, greasy food, red meat with more fat, food with more carbohydrates should be eaten less.

– Good sleep is also necessary to keep the liver healthy. Lack of sleep puts more pressure on the liver, so you should make a habit of sleeping and waking up on time to rest the body.

– Physical activity and exercise are also necessary to keep the liver healthy. If you are not physically active, the problem of fat accumulation in the liver may appear.

The author is a gastroenterologist

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