These are the benefits of garlic

Garlic is an important home remedy. Since ancient times, garlic has been used as a hot spice in various food vegetables. It is cultivated everywhere in our country.

General benefits of garlic
According to Ayurvedic opinion, garlic destroys vata kapha and soothes pain. It increases digestive power, destroys worms, stimulates heart and liver. Garlic also helps to maintain normal menstruation in women and to strengthen sperm in men. Garlic is also beneficial in urinary problems, blood defects, swelling problems etc. Its use during pregnancy is harmful.

Garlic leaves, cloves and roots can all be used. Regular consumption of these various parts of garlic, raw or cooked, reduces the chances of heart and blood vessel diseases. Research by Chinese doctors has confirmed that garlic is also beneficial in cancer.

High blood pressure
Consuming 5 to 10 cloves of raw garlic daily is beneficial for high blood pressure. In this way, it is better to eat garlic with frequent meals instead of eating it all at once.

In case of flatulence, sour water and stomach ache, waking up in the morning and drinking 2 glasses of water and then eating 2-3 cloves of garlic with milk is beneficial.
Itching problem
– Applying garlic juice is beneficial for common types of itchy skin diseases like:- Ringworm, Eczema etc.
– Applying a mixture of garlic juice and lemon to the itchy wound with cotton 3-4 times a day will reduce the itching.

A child’s cold

garlic in oil and fenugreek seeds. After warming the oil, apply it outside the nostrils of the child who has a cold, massage the oil on the chest, neck, and back. Applying the oil on or around the forehead and nose cures colds in infants and children. This exercise also benefits older people.

In joint pain and swelling

Crush a clove of garlic and mix one quarter of oil and four quarters of water in a pot and cook it on low flame. After the water dries up, only the oil and garlic cloves remain, then filter the oil and keep it in a bottle. Apply this oil 3/4 times a day to the affected joint and massage it for relief.

Eating 3 or 4 cloves of garlic in the morning and evening along with food will eliminate indigestion.

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