Dangerous malware spreads on Android, from stealing data to secretly recording calls

A new malware has been found on Android. Security company Zimperium has discovered a new malware called ‘RatMilad’ in Android devices.

According to the company, this malware has the ability to steal audio records along with other user data. As in other thefts, it has been found that the hacker has used it to blackmail the user in this theft as well.

This malware is spread through an app called Numbering, which is used to create a fake virtual number needed to activate a social network. After installing this app, the app takes various permissions for other processes.

With those permissions, the hacker gains access to the user’s device. The hacker then sideloads ‘ratmilad’ onto the user’s device.

This fake app is not available on android play store or other third party stores. The company has also mentioned that this malware was found in applications with ‘ratmilad’ malware like Telegram and Trojan.

It has also been found that the hacker has created a website to download other apps to spread the ‘ratmilad’ malware. It was found that the hacker propagated this malware through a link shared on other apps.

Through this malware, the hacker can steal the user’s device details, contact lists, messages, call history, account name and allowed apps, clipboard data, GPS location data and other data.

Also, by using this malware, the hacker can delete the files of the device or install new apps and record audio.

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